Growth Expo


We are Passionate business consultants working towards for Expansion of Startup’s and growing brands. The Franchise business in India like food & beverage franchise, real estate franchise and Distributorship Opportunities. So, We help companies create and design business model, franchise & dealer’s agreement, Distributorship Opportunities, Franchise Expo, strategies, systems analysis & implement them. We have 18 years of experience in doing business through innovative business strategies. Our wide experience in Media, Real Estate and Franchise business will benefit both entrepreneur and investors. We aim to create bridge between investors and brands.

About Growth Expo

GROWTH EXPO is a unique show which provides the platform to startups & emerging brands to showcase their business models, concepts to passionate investors who are interested in Franchise, Dealership & Partnership. We provide Distributorship opportunities to grow and expand their existing businesses. This Pandemic has created the need to review existing business models; come up with updated concepts & offerings. Growth Expo aims to create a bridge between Brands & Investors. Growth Expo Vision is to promote Entrepreneurship, which eventually will contribute to economic development.