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GLOBENTIS professional attitude that describes a business & what it does. The goal is to showcase the underlying spirit and position behind everything that the Company stands to offer the world.

GLOBENTIS promoter has accumulated nearly 25 yrs. Of rich experience in Life Style products like Wellness, Fitness, Life care, Interior-Exterior products, decorative products & Holidays, pharma franchise in india.

Our well developed skills and knowledge enhances the Pre & Post quality standard products that has enabled us to offer innovative & elegant Life Style products that inspire the feeling of wonder of energy “ LEADS TO GORGIOUS LIFE STYLE”.

Our brand identity evokes the sense of utilizing Life Style products and in turn keep someone healthy & energetic thus develops fitness, wellness and leisure hours with extravagant Luxury.

We have been in this business since 1997 onwards satisfying every need For Life Style
products , Life care products with credible experience and understanding for solution at priority catering the finest possible quality at the best price. We provide pharma franchise in india.

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