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Preschool Franchise in Gujarat 

H3 Pre-school shares its values and philosophy with Anand Niketan group of schools, an eminent name in the field of Education in Gujarat, which has given a wider vision to the world of education and focused on Holistic development of a child through its unique approach since 1996.Hence, preschool franchise is building a strong foundation for the self-learners, nurturing them by providing an environment to learn, observe, and question, thus, developing curiosity and fascination. H3 follows a practical learning strategy through creativity that is based on regular training and upgrading the teaching approach by keeping up with the changing pace of time.  A Realm of Best Practice, Promoting Holistic Development in Children. Therefor, H3 approach is specially devised for the needs of the alpha generation, building a fine balance between hands, heart, and head for the holistic development of the child!

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  • Area Required: 1800-3000 sq. ft.
  • Investment Range:15-20 Lakhs
  • Franchise Fee: 5 Lakhs
  • No. Of Franchise Outlets: 14
  • Expansion Locations: Gujarat
  • Agreement Term: 9 Years
  • Training Details: At School Location

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